Eric Ginsburg, Shintaro (detail),

Booth 202 — Fridge Art Fair Will Be Back!

Eric Ginsburg, Portrait of Darwin, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019

From Fridge Art Fair Founder Eric Ginsburg:

There will be a Fridge!!!

Thank you for the love and light of your ongoing support. In times like these I realize how grateful I am, and how beautiful so much of life that I don’t often remember to look at can be… We have been planning a heartfelt return to our roots on the Lower East Side. In light of events we will announce new dates when we know it will be safe for all to gather. 

Fridge is all about celebrating how Art brings us together and gets us looking in all the right places again. We WILL CELEBRATE Fridge Art Fair NYC this year, for now, please be safe and know we love you !!!

Eric Ginsburg, Austin, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 12 x 12 inches

Eric talks a LES little history and a tribute to Gallery OneTwentyEight and Kazuko Miyamoto:
Listen to “Fridge Art Fair Makes Lemonade” on Spreaker.

Updates on the schedule, an interim benefit art sale, and call for exhibitors (tagline same as 2013 — Can you fit into the Fridge?) for Fridge’s 8th NYC edition, CELEBRATION, will be posted here and at

Artist David Fenn has been exhibiting with Fridge since the first edition in 2013, and he also collaborates with the Fair’s original host at Gallery OneTwentyEight,  Kazuko Miyamoto, as the “D” in K&D. In his words:

K&D, A night with Kazuko’s lighter, photo courtesy the artists

If it weren’t for the FriDge, Kazuko and I would have never met.  The peculiar set of circumstances for my getting to the Fridge is another story.  Fridge is yes in the face of no.  It is “why not” when others wonder “do we dare.”  For me, it is art in defiance of what “everyone thinks “art” things should be”.

David Fenn, Harry Lauter Walking Stick and Dehydrated Pear, photo courtesy the artist.

I have met surprising, uncompromising, wonderful , extraordinary, beautiful, serious and less than serious artists because of Eric’s wonderful and embracing spirit of all.

Kazuko Looking Up, (c) Photofennish

Working  with Kazuko is always amazing. I learn so much from her.  I am fireworks and slappery and she is precision and decision.  She tames me and I think she has become more free. Our installation work together at Elizabeth Park is indicative of this.  And definitely, our latest work, “Melting.”

K&D, Jazz in Yellow and White, photo courtesy K&D

I think we are artists in that we are as we are and do what we do and even in making a simple soup it is art.  There is some planning, some care, some whimsy and music and dance and something serious too.

A lot like the FridGe.

View more from David and K&D at

Find Eric Ginsburg’s paintings  at




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