ART511 Magazine Launched With A Party New York City Won’t Easily Forget

ART511 Magazine debuted with a massive, multi-faceted launch party in the former Robert Miller Gallery September 19th in the West Chelsea Arts District.

The blank-walled, high-ceilinged space – which once handled the estate of artist Lee Krasner – was brought to life with a visually stunning, aurally pleasing, enlightening array of work.

Each room of ART511 Magazine’s launch party was vibrant, whether it had print, sculpture, musical or dance performances, short independent films, spoken-word poets, fashion pop-up work, installation art or the ever-important non-profit art organizations of New York City representing and sharing information – something integral to ART 511’s mission.

But the spectacular turnout of over 450 attendees really made the night come alive. Free and open to the general public, the party included a mix of New York City: artists from the old-guard to the up-and-coming, art enthusiasts, dealers, collectors, art organizations, the press and curious, creative types. Some simply wandered in from hearing the noise while walking on the High Line.

Everyone who entered had the expressive face of childlike wonder, eyes wide open. Guests excitedly mingled and actively engaged, regardless of age or race or socio-economic status. In a city so diverse, the Chelsea art world proper still does a poor job of creating community outside of its own elite bubble. It’s rare that we find an event which draws together the best of NYC’s grassroots, progressive non-profits with queer Bushwick, downtown jazz, uptown snazz and established Chelsea’s classic mix of art connoisseurs, novices and intrigues.

“The mood was very different. It was the energy of recognizing possibilities, like in the 60’s. You don’t find that in openings in the art world anymore,” commented guest Marylin Stanley, wife of the late Bob Stanley, the renowned pop artist who painted from photographs.

The choose-your-own-viewing-adventure evening made it humanly impossible to catch every performance or see every work, as multiple things were happening constantly and simultaneously in each room. You had to travel by instinct on the interactive playground, and therefore, each person had a unique experience. The free-flowing drinks, including the signature cocktail made from Chad-produced Tambour and sparkling wines from Brazil, only enhanced the ethereal ambiance.

“In planning and creating the launch for ART511 Magazine,” says publisher Scotto Mycklebust, “l asked myself: What would someone expect to see and experience at the premiere debut launch of a hip new Art publication located in the center of the contemporary art in the world? It had to be a spectacular spectacle. A visual experience beyond, that represented contemporary art and culture in today’s world,” he had concluded. “And from the response we received, this is what we presented.”

ART511 Magazine’s launch party opened the doors for people to let down their guard. New Yorkers, unaware of ART511’s mission, somehow managed to help create the party the magazine envisioned – it revived or instigated something in everyone.

“That party had a lot of quality; I was sort of amazed at the amount of energy in the air,” said Marylin. “Everyone was there in their own costume. They came as individuals, did their own thing and were happy to be there. There was a sense of looking forward to something.”

The event was intended to unite the arts community in a provocative way, showcasing many voices and talents to open the mind, and to be an experience that would set the standard for ART511 Magazine as an independent, online publication that is committed to reporting on art and culture that matters.

The outpouring of interest and excitement from attendees was phenomenal, and you can continue to expect that level of quality from ART511 Magazine, our events & contributions to the art community, here in NYC and globally.


ART511 Magazine gives artists and writers a platform to be seen and heard. You can submit your work and subscribe at Engage with us on social media and stay tuned for future events.

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