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Art511 Magazine is an international contemporary arts publication with widespread national and international distribution. In addition to our New York City headquarters in West Chelsea, Art511 has offices based in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston.

An international platform for forward thinking creatives, Art 511 is your regular source of informed, essential social and political commentary filtered through an accessible lens of art and culture. Art511 is available at art galleries and museums, retailers, independent bookstores, newsstands and contemporary art spaces across the U.S. and Europe. Art511 Magazine is produced and distributed by artist Scotto Mycklebust.

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Contact Publisher: Scotto Mycklebust
526 West 26th Street, Suite 511
New York, NY 10001
917 697-0844, 212 242-1909


Sponsorships & Partnerships: Looking to align with a growing international hub of information serving artists, writers, and general art audiences, critics, curators and other creative professionals around the world? Art511 offers select individuals, companies and institutions exclusive sponsorship and partnership packages at competitive annual rates. Email publisher with “Sponsorships & Partnerships” in the subject line for more details.

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