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As a contemporary, national and international publication, Art511 Magazine is committed to reporting on a wide range of arts discourse related topics – contemporary, creative, current, cultural, interdisciplinary and esoteric. Its very name a spin on the number 511 as a numeric offering civic “information” (as with 911, 311, and 411 depending on location), Art511 is a valuable hub of information serving a global constituency. Our publication is one of the few independent, critical voices in the arts, and prides itself in being shaped by a liberal notion of global art citizenship fused with the composite cultural worldview of our diverse, international contributor base. Our writers offer sharp, accessible and unique insight into the current art issues and events most relevant to our evolving era. Progressive in nature, Art511 makes contemporary art news relevant and relatable.


Founded in 2016 in NYC West Chelsea Arts district, a global epicenter for contemporary art, Art511 Magazine is an international contemporary arts online publication featuring incisive critical writing and information from our hubs based in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and beyond. An international platform and informational source for forward thinkers, creatives’ and individuals, Art 511 is your online magazine of timely social and political commentary filtered through the accessible lens of art and culture.

Scotto Mycklebust, Publisher


Scotto Mycklebust is founder and publisher of Art511 Magazine. A New York based visual artist and painter and former publisher of Revolt Magazine (2011-2016). In addition to publishing Art511, Mycklebust is the executive director and producer of West Chelsea Arts district public art events, including the annual High Line Open Studios and West Chelsea Artists Open Studios, as well as curator of art exhibitions and public art programs. A professional American contemporary fine artist, Mycklebust currently lives and works in New York City.

Linda DiGusta, Executive Editor


Linda DiGusta has been writing at the crossroads of visual art and culture/politics/social psychology since 2005. Gigs include HuffPo, Resolve40 and Cognoscenti, and 4 personal blogs. In addition to being a life coach, Linda has been deemed responsible for curatorial ventures in NYC and Miami, as well as the socially acceptable number of unproduced screenplays, and several works of short fiction published in print and online.


Laurence Hoffmann, Contributing Editor & International Relations


Laurence Hoffmann (Switzerland)

Laurence graduated in Analytical Philosophy with a PhD. in “Metaphor: A Ghost at the Edge of Language”, where she examined the parallels between games of words and the “The Empire of Lights” by Magritte.

With her Wildside Media, established to create and promote cutting-edge projects, she went on to produce international documentaries (notably “I Only Wanted To Live” an Italo-Swiss-USA production co-produced with Steven Spielberg) and to work extensively in short and long feature films and in cultural events.

In 2009 she moved to New York City. She has collaborated with film festivals and international film producers. She creates documentaries and experimental

films to be published on Wildside-Media.com and youtube.com. Some of her art work have been exhibited in NYC (WestBeth Gallery in 2012, Burger and Lobster group show on City Views and in 2018, Eminent Domain: Intersectional feminist Art Exhibition curated by Art511 Magazines at the Former Miller Gallery) and her more recent video will be screened during the Biennale in Venice (2019) at the Palazzo Papafava, curated by Alive in the Universe , UK.

In 2013 she started reporting on socio-cultural phenomena for the art magazine published on print by Scotto Mycklebust and since 2017 she is the contributing editor to Mycklebust’s online Art511 Magazine.

www.wildside-media.com Laurence@wildside-media.com   (917) 213 1917

Louise Marler, LA Managing Editor


Louise Anne (LA) Marler is a photographic pop artist who blends graphic design and photography of her favorite subject, the manual typewriter. Being a third generation typewriter collector, she is passionate and knowledgable about this theme.

Louise’s work in the family office machine business’ letter shop in St. Louis, Missouri, and first job after college at the daily newspaper formed her trajectory a work to communicate through typewriters.

After graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a BS
in Business, and working in “The St. Louis Globe-Democrat,” Louise moved to Los Angeles. She then bought and operated the first commercial printing company to introduce soy-based inks with tree-free and recycled papers. Marler’s commitment to being a master printer as well as an environmentalist, featured her in the article “Santa Monica Printer Blends Ecology and Technology,” by Micro Publishing News, March 1996.

Entrepreneurial with years of on-the-job-learning, Marler blends traditional techniques with advancing digital technologies. She is a successful businesswoman with a keen technical sense and creative vision. Marler takes innovative and efficient approaches to all aspects of every project.


Gia Portfolio, Marketing Manager & Copy Editor


Gia is an editor by profession, having worked for TIME, American Media, independent novelists and smaller, niche publishers in New York City. Exposure to diverse forms of art from a young age have nurtured her innate love for all things creative, and grew her appreciation for art as an outlet to express emotions otherwise stifled.

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