10 Organizations Helping Artists Build Community

  BEAT Global BEAT Global bridges the gap between arts and education by engaging and inspiring youth to create a culture of respect, collaboration, and freedom of expression. BEAT Global offers young people a platform to discover and express themselves without fear of judgment. Through a “cypher” based pedagogy, […]



We hereby apologize, on behalf of the collective formerly known as Go! Push Pops, for what we now recognize as an utter failure to live up to our own intersectional politics (as a queer, radical, transnational feminist collective) amounting to what could hardly be described as a “career.” At best […]


How Many Zines Can You Make About the Artistic Uses of Period Blood & Underarm Hair?

Interview by Katie Cercone   Nestled inside the pastel green Mermaid Laundromat at the corner of Maria Hernandez Park is the TROLL HOLE, Bushwick’s pro-intersectional, queer, sex-positive zine shop and activist space. A “REFUGESS WELCOME” sign peeps out above the vinyl TROLL HOLE signage to bustling Knickerbocker avenue. An intimate […]


Thought Experiment and the Future of Politics

Thought Experiment is a very noble method used since the beginning of civilization to explore new situations without necessarily endangering one’s life and with the purpose of realizing some form of progress. It has been applied mostly to scientific and to philosophical investigations. The main characteristic of the method is […]

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