Art by Scotto Mycklebust

What If…

The politicians of a nation that has not fully suffered the brunt of war since the civil war are so intent on going to war, ironic?

This is a nation that has not been invaded, had it’s farms, hamlets, small towns and villages bombed by a powerful state.

9/11 and Pearl Harbor were terrible events, but when put in the perspective of what war does to nations not large.

War, when bombers carpet bomb a city, when cluster bombs fall on villages, when defoliants destroy nature and poison the land.

War, when cities are reduced to rubble from shelling, and people are trapped in impossible situations from gunfire and hand to hand combat.

War, when soldiers break down a door, search a home and interrogate people in a language they do not understand.

I always wonder if this nation would have suffered through what Europe did during the second world war, if it would still be so bellicose?

If thousands of people would have been murdered by the army and militias, the way they were in El Salvador or Guatemala, if it would it still be so eager to go in to a foreign land?

We do not have a sense of heartbreak when beautiful cities, thousands of years old are completely reduced to rock and ash?

For most people state side, a war does not disrupt daily activity.

Outside of the small percentage of the population that does the killing and the dying, weekend games will go on.

People will sleep without the fear of an explosive falling from the sky and wiping out their family.

Fast food places and yoga studios will co-exist in strip malls, the holiday picnic and fireworks will go on.

The sociopaths that orchestrate the bombing, the killing will not lose a wink of sleep over it.

The “defense contractors” will salivate over the endless supply of money.

Extremely out of shape men and women will wrap themselves in the flag and feel good about themselves.

Senators and Congressmen with blood on their hands will eventually say the event was a mistake, let bygone be bygones…

While the State propaganda machine fuels the flames.

War to some a game, to so many the biggest tragedy ever.

War does not respect life, it takes the young and old, women and men, the family cat and dog and cow, it kills the corn, the forest and the wildlife.

While satisfying the petty ego of heartless men bragging about expensive toys.

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