2018-宇宙區塊鏈-物質的演化-100x80cm-壓克力. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Chih-Hui Chuang: Coding&Decoding – (莊志輝紐約個展『記。符號』) 新聞稿

2019 October, Manhattan, New York] With the collaboration of the Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Foundation in Taiwan and the Taiwanese American Arts Council, Chih-Hui Chuang will hold his first New York solo exhibition. The opening reception will be October 24 at E. TAY Galley in TRIBECA, New York City, and the exhibition will run until November 17th.

Born in Penhu, living and working in HsinChu, Taiwan, Chuang has been a full-time artist for 30 years. Chuang not only has had extraordinary achievements in the art of graphic painting, but also has a rich and varied expression in the use of color. Through gradual blending and smearing, the saturation of the color is reduced, which makes the picture surface moister and allows introverted and subtle changes, sometimes romantic adventures, and sometimes calm and detached emotions. In recent years, he has explored the relationship between the external world and the inner mind. To do so, he refers to nature and stars, the mountains and rivers, concepts from space to time, the vortex and derived images. These have greatly enriched the symbolism of his work. Chuang Chi-Hui, has paid special attention to the large number of messages and symbols generated by the world, and has seen the hidden metaphors. He observes the patterns in social standards to which human normally adapt themselves, while forgetting the value of their own existence. He summed up the theme of the exhibit as “memory and symbols to highlight real life.” To him, human beings choose from memory, and encode life in repetition. He points out that memory can be a trap, whether it is positive or negative. He also thinks about how to decode his life through creation. Chuang said: ”

Tramadol Online Pets Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC) and co-curator of the exhibition Luchia Meihua Lee remarked: “Chuang Chi-Hui’s works travel in a different time and space. In his paintings, four-dimensional space is extended, spanning the complexity of surrealism and cubism with Buddhism philosophy, by use of simple lines and details, and neutral tones with warm and rich colors, that stir the viewer’s mind. In the art of Chuang Chi-Hui, there always appear staircases, or spirals or curly lines circling into the distance or floating in the depth of the space. Visual transgressions and complications endow the art with extra dimensions and layers of meaning; some might think of indigenous masks or even fairy tale imaginings.”

Order Tramadol Online Mastercard Artist Chuang Chi-Hui said: “The memory of self-identification from the collective effect is to form a self-protection effect, but finally evolves into the self-characteristic trait. The individual’s thinking and behavior patterns are also gradually reduced from the initial macro-scale. Turning into a point. We repeat in the trap of memory, the unconscious life and death rotation, time stops in this endless cycle.”

Tramadol Buying Through his long creative years, he used a brush to sway the memory of life, and transform his thoughts into color and symbol, and creation inspired his doubts about existence, good and evil, and the value of human things. His work poses the questions: How are the standards of the world defined? Who made us what we are now? How is the world operated? The artwork “Butterfly Effect” – on display here – is an example of such thought. Curator Yang Sumin said Chuang exhibits innovative forms, beautiful and pure, and profound metaphors. From his introspective creation, the viewer can project the truest self-centered state from the work. She also emphasized that for Chuang certain social moral standards recognized by modern people further highlight the absurdity and sorrow experienced under the hypnosis of collective consciousness. Chuang Chihui’s works and thoughts are full of Zen thinking. In the face of many problems in the human world, what he wants to express is that the world’s operation has its own law of birth and death. The only thing that remains unchanged is the constant change, perfection is not perfect. In reality, environmental protection and non-environmental protection are natural images. Greed and goodness coexist, and the most important thing depends on a pure and unstained heart Chih-Hui Chuang-Coding & Decoding
opening Reception:Thursday October 24 , 6-8 pm

October 24 – November 17, 2019

TAAC TriBeCa/ E.TAY Gallery
39 White St, New York, NY 10013 Gallery Hours: Tuesday -Saturday 12-18 pm & by Appointment 【2019 十月,紐約曼哈頓】

Chih-Hui Chuang-「Coding&Decoding」(莊志輝紐約個展『記。符號』) 新聞稿

「我們共同創造了我們,並形成一種假設且不可改變的生命模式。」By 莊志輝 來自台灣、思想獨特的藝術家莊志輝,近年特別關注世界產生的大量訊息與符號,並透視其隱藏的引喻。他總結多年的心得以「記。符號」為題創作並在紐約舉辦首次個展。莊志輝的作品突顯在虛實人生中,大眾效應影響人們從記憶中做選擇,並在重複、推疊中編碼出生命的符碼,以迎合社會的標準,卻淡忘自己存在的價值。他想揭示:『記憶可能是陷阱,不管是來自大多數人所謂正面或是負面的思維,他想透過創作思考如何解碼自己的人生。」在紐約台美藝術基金會、台灣新竹市文化基金會的支持下,10月24日(四),他將在紐約TRIBECA的E.TAY Galley舉辦開幕酒會,作品含括平面、立體等約30件,其中一件立體作品是在當地應用廢材結合聖誕燈創作,表現出他對紐約人物的觀察及節慶的歡愉感受。展期一直到11月17日。


策展人楊素敏表示,「藝術家莊志輝展出作品形式創新、唯美而純粹,他嘗試將不容易操控的軟膠加熱塑形,在畫面呈現出空與凸的對比,象徵人所面臨的虛實之間的問題。從他深層隱喻的自省式創作,觀者可以投射出最真實的自心狀態。此展主題及理念看似軟性、微弱,但細究則可以感受其強烈的訴求。」他所持的創作觀點需要時間去理解和實踐。不大聲喊口號、不刻意創造議題,可能使藝術家失去新聞性與觀注,但他卻孤注一擲,依然選擇冷門但卻最根本的議題來創作及探討。藝術家莊志輝強調:「藝術家要忠於自心,並堅持要做別人不想做的,暨要務實又要開創。人最大的價值在於擁有選擇的權力,但多數人選擇”原則”,一個可以不斷的重複和複製的模式。你將如何選擇?」這個理念一直支撐著莊志輝的創作,也造就了他與眾不同的獨待作品。 楊素敏強調,從莊志輝的創作理念,反觀現代人們認定的社會道德標準背後的事實,更顯現其在集體意識被催眠下的荒誕與悲哀。例如;交通、科技的進步,讓如今的世界變成平的,但人心的貪婪、愚癡、嗔恨心,又使得人與人的距離拉得更遠,並活在另一個虛擬而複雜的世界裡。莊志輝表示:「世界的運轉自有其生滅定律,世事唯一不變的是不停的在變,圓滿因不圓滿而存在,環保、不環保都是自然的現像,貪婪與善心同存,虛實一體,最重要的還是取決於一顆純淨無染的心。」莊志輝作品及思想充滿禪學思維,在面對人間諸多問題,他從創作中想表訴的理念更顯珍貴與重要。

Chih-Hui Chuang-Coding & Decoding
莊志輝紐約個展「記。符號」 開幕酒會opening Reception:Thursday October 24 (四) 6-8 pm 展期:October 24 – November 17, 2019(二-六) 12-18 pm
地點Venue: TAAC TriBeCa/ E.TAY Gallery
地址:39 White St, New York, NY 10013

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