MACYN BOLT Intersect (Blue), 2017, Detail Acrylic on canvas 38 x 48 in

Booth 201 — Pendulum of Time at Lichtundfire

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Installation view, Pendulum of Time, All images courtesy Lichtundfire.

Greetings from Lichtundfire- and a few words upfront.
Our exhibition PENDULUM OF TIME, with Macyn Bolt, Leslie Ford, Jay Jae Won Jung, Sallie Strand, Martin Weinstein and Gina Werfel, has been sequestered behind doors at 175 Rivington Street on the LES in NYC  just when it had been mounted and was about to open — due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This exhibition intends to visually comment on an abstract concept and universal experience. Incidentally, it takes place at an extraordinary time and during an intense global experience of human vulnerability. We hope you can look beyond this moment in time while staying on this page, and reading about the exhibition, the artists and Lichtundfire’s program and mission.

At the core of Lichtundfire, besides quality shows that seek to create a visual and conceptual conversation between the artists and their individual works — stands a vibrant COMMUNITY.
At a time when we have access to so many remote and digital ways of communicating, the experience of filling a room, of getting together in one physical space, offers the alternative of a much needed human experience. We instantaneously communicate differently. We engage with whoever is there, in the same space, at the same time. We meet and speak to someone we may have never met otherwise based upon our social preferences. And, above all — we experience our own physicality with others.

After the global experience of social distancing, and very little direct human contact, we may long for more direct, physical communication in the near future.  Experiencing the void of being socially together is no little thing – and has its impact… and we hope it’ll be time soon to heal, as being together matters.

Looking ahead- we very much look forward to be able to welcome you again to our exhibitions and their accompanying events at our physical space as in the past. We encourage you all to vigorously join into the much needed human experience of direct communication, and to enrich us all with your own personal presence as soon as it is deemed safe.

Thank you all so much for what we accomplished together so far- and see you there!

Priska Juschka (Director, Lichtundfire)
New Year, 2019
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36 in

Lichtundfire was established with a program dedicated to developing and nurturing an active, engaged, progressive, and emancipated art community that addresses cultural and social realities as expressed through visual arts. Beyond the visual, the gallery pursues a progressive, integrative agenda that wishes to nurture lateral and inclusive concepts, as also reflective in the curation of its shows. The gallery, furthermore, encourages the creative community to take part in a conversation that carries beyond culturally and socially inflicted or self-imposed boundaries by exploring both different and innovative modi operandi.

Lichtundfire was originally conceived by New York artist Augustus Goertz and its gallery director, Priska Juschka, who grew up in former West Germany, and has been in NYC since the early 1990’s. Gallery director Juschka, from its launch as a gallery space, has mainly worked with visual artists, but at times, as part of its programming, also with performing artists, musicians and writers. She has experience with both carefully curated, focused themed exhibition and unique solo projects in collaboration with artists, curators, galleries, and other art professionals.

Clarity of Rain, 2020
Acrylic on canvas,
42 x 35 in.
(Courtesy Lichtundfire)

The artists in Lichtundfire’s current exhibition PENDULUM OF TIME  with Macyn Bolt, Leslie Ford, Jay Jae Won Jung, Sallie Strand, Martin Weinstein and Gina Werfel, not exclusively- however strongly- represent the range of work that has been shown since the gallery’s inception in November 2015 on 175 Rivington Street in NYC.

At the core of the gallery has been a visual program emphasizing nonrepresentational, conceptual, and abstract art; especially minimal, color field, geometrical, hard edge, abstract expressionist, lyrical abstraction; and process work in all media. The gallery has further shown semi-abstract and abstract-figurative conceptual work that relates aesthetically and theoretically.

40 D/N – 2519 (from 40 Days/ 40 Nights)
Pigmented beeswax on museum board
8 x 16 in.

PENDULUM OF TIME is a group exhibition by six artists working in various media on visualizing/recording time by ways of their individual mediums and practices from abstraction to abstracted representation- incidentally taking place during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The exhibition had been conceived during a different, although not so distant time, preceding the wave of COVID-19 infections in the US and in its March epicenter New York City.

Its theme, originally an abstracted idea referencing, describing & measuring infinite movement in space, inadvertently seems to now solely point to the time and the reverberations by life lived during and in one of its epicenters of the pandemic.

Conceptually, the leitmotiv that connects all work in the exhibition across generations and of a wide range of artistic practices, is the underlying attempt of visually capturing an elusive, fleeting moment, or in other words — the value of time. 

Clouds and River, 3 Evenings, 2018
Acrylic on multiple acrylic sheets
20 1/2 x 26 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.

The abstracted idea of time occupies each conceptual approach, and is central to its individual execution — from plain air recording and audaciously delicate layering of the hours of a day and/or individual seasons and years with the brush on multiple acrylic sheets (Martin Weinstein); to abstracted minimal horizon lines in delicate Encaustic (Leslie Ford); to dark and blackened, textured process paintings conveying a powerful eruptive and disruptive timeless constant (Jay Jae Won Jung); to the refinement of minimal abstraction that represents the most fleeting nuance between day and night (Macyn Bolt); to a visibly painted atmosphere that captures time (Sallie Strand); to both an expansion and extraction of time by ways of explosive colors and shapes on canvas (Gina Werfel).

Please see more details here and our full press release online:

Trace of Time, 2019
Sponges, spray paint, acrylic on canvas
72 x 48 in.



Measuring Infinite Movement in Space –

With Macyn Bolt, Leslie Ford, Jay Jae Won Jung, Sallie Strand, Martin Weinstein and Gina Werfel.

Concept by Priska Juschka

A group exhibition with artist working in various media on visualizing/recording time by ways of their individual mediums and practices from Abstraction to Abstracted Representation.

Exhibition Dates: March – April 2020 (formerly March 12 – April 5, 2020)

Intersect (Blue) D, 2017 
Acrylic on canvas
38 x 48 in


For all inquiries regarding the exhibition, or the individual artists, please contact Priska Juschka at, visit, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Instagram: @lichtundfire and hashtag: #lichtundfire or on Twitter: #lichtundfire ALL GALLERY HOURS have been SUSPENDED. We remain CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE…

Stay SAFE, be CAREFUL and CONSIDERATE. We look forward to seeing you again when it will be deemed safe to go outside and have contact with others and the public.

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