“Feminism & Territorialities” Performed at The Queens Museum 2016


LEGACY FATALE is a feminist performance art collective birthed into creation and directed by Coco Dolle. Coco had a dream at the tender age of 4 that inspired her to become an artist. Her main mediums are drawing, painting and performance art. She directs Legacy Fatale’s live performances in the city and internationally, and also curates feminist art exhibitions regularly as Milk and Night Curatorial. Her work is about Empowerment, Movement, Resistance and Existence. Many of Legacy Fatale’s performances dip into the realm of dance and celebrate the divine feminine. Living and working here in New York City, she names her greatest artistic challenge as “Breaking through a glass ceiling.” Luckily, her next project is literally “An Army of Women.” She’s planning to invade cities and museums.

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