Madre Medicina y los espiritos poderosos

Myztico Campo

Myztico Campo makes visionary shamanic art. “The creative process is truly a sacred gift that I do not take for granted. It heals, informs and gives me a purpose in life much more gratifying than the quest for materialism or the importance of ‘ego,’” explains the self-trained painter. Having lost faith in governments, dogmatic religious institutions, the system of wage slavery promoted by Wall Street banksters and their minions, and the military industrial complex, given the “constant state of wars, mayhem, false flags for short-term profits and secretive dark agendas,” Myztico turns to art. Having begun to draw at the tender age of 5, his observations are his only art education. Through his visionary forms, Myztico pledges his faith in humanity and the spirit and power of LOVE, creative energy, goodwill, compassion, empathy, truth, humor, curiosity, mutual respect and honor. “I honor the spirits of infinite possibilities within the plant, animal & interdimensional kingdoms. Most importantly, I surrender to the infinite love of the universe and to our divine creator for the love it shares for ALL sentient beings.” Many of his works are inspired by entheogenic vision quests, 3rd eye transmissions, dream and meditation manifestations, and offer a glimpse beyond the veil of perception of the superficial and everyday, plunging into the deep realms of the psyche. The artist considers making this work his soul mission, and finds inspiration from Ancient and Native Cultures, Social Issues, Interdimensional Realms, Dreamtime, Altered States of Consciousness, Vision Quests, Meditation, Alien Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Science Fiction and Post Humanism. Typically, his complex works take the form of Acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, or digital formats. He also plays guitar/percussion and produces with his current group “Brooklyn Bonez,” in addition to working on short film and music video projects, poetry and writing. His forthcoming book “From Times Square to Burning Man” is a psychonaut’s journey between worlds. Born in Cuba, raised in NYC’s Hell Kitchen, the artist currently resides in Brooklyn and tours the country with his art including Live Painting at Festivals and Creative Think Tanks.

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