Zac Hacmon

Zac’s family didn’t visit museums or galleries as he was growing up. Within time, he was exposed to contemporary art along a creative journey that involved the study of cinema, photography, product design and traditional painting. Eventually, Hacmon began to identify as a sculptor, and his main medium today is one-of-the-kind, three-dimensional, unique objects. His work aims to “maximize viewer-to-object impact,” says Zac, who maintains that the “experience of an object’s uniqueness comes through the viewer who will encounter that object.” His sculptures and installations deal with the relationship between architecture and the human body in society. “I am interested in how the dichotomy of private and public can be reconfigured into an autonomous object.” Hacmon uses architecture as a device and mediator, and his art practice corresponds with today’s critical social-political issues. His work interrogates our desires for a false belonging to home or nation. Coming from Israel, he draws on his homeland’s history as reference. The demolition of older buildings for Modernist and Bauhaus buildings in the 1940s and 50s was a critical shift that influences his practice. Through his sculptural rendering, Zac unpacks architecture’s relationship to power and control; how “Modern” buildings can signify an invasion of foreign authority and a destruction of local identity and history. His upcoming works will examine this hybrid past through historical imagery, fragmentation, color and reordering. Zac currently lives and works in New York City.





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