Amandine Urruty, Lion. Courtesy of Dorothy Circus Gallery

Art review of Amandine Urruty’s solo exhibition-what can artists do with Instagram under COVID-19 crisis

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COVID-19 has been rapidly spreading in Europe, Italian government decided to halt all businesses, and Italy has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world as of March 20. But Dorothy Circus Gallery based in Rome and London keeps on running interesting Pop Surrealism shows on Instagram. Alexandra Mazzanti, niece of the princess Alexandra Hercolani of Bologna, a strong supporter of female artists, Asian artists, and street artists, says, “Italian economic suspension is sad, but we’ll overcome soon”. Dorothy Circus Team, just four female staff, has been aggressively expanding online promoting despite the crisis.

On March 19th 2020 Dorothy Circus Gallery held a Instagram live of Made in the dark, solo exhibition of Amandine Urruty from France, on streaming of the duration of 1 hour from its London venue via Instagram

The opening of the show was taken place only online, because the gallery in Rome officially closed to the public until further notice of Italian government, and the gallery in London also decided to take up a preventive measure and close as well. The gallery staff in London accepts collector’s visits by appointment only (as of March 20).

The gallery in London is located at Connaught Village, a short walk from Hyde Park, a shopping area in the exclusive residential area of Hyde Park Estate. Around there pretty pastel-colored, privately owned shops line the Georgian streets. The Instagram live streaming show was held in the dark lights on the blue walls, the show took the audience to the different world with a fantastic and introspective atmosphere.

Amandine Urruty was born in Paris in 1982, studying at University of Toulouse Plastic Arts and a brief career in underground music as singer, armed with a solid

Pencil technique and inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s, Tatoo art, surrealism, Victorian photography, antique toys and Noir movies paintings, Urruty’s hyper- detailed world is one where references jump across time and space to define the artist’s own vision of modern culture. Urruty’s monochrome artworks are pervaded by a sense of irony, which brings back memories of childhood as well as creates state of joy and introspection.

This show is, as it were, a series of samples of the artist’s images. Urruty’s work is pop-surrealism, so you don’t need to read the exact meaning. What is the essence of her work? It is a “mystery”. It’s a confused dream and everything remains a mystery.

The eerie cuteness stands out. It is controlled, calm and not so grotesque because it is represented in monochrome. Monochrome adds unrealism.

Audiences can enter their favorite childhood introspection world, inspired by characters that everyone knows and popular around the world, such as Mickey Mouse, Ghostbusters, and Tengu. Children play in ridiculous situations like a Muppet show. It is fun to be surprised by the unexpected combinations drawn. The audience can exercise a lot of freedom when appreciating her works.

Urruty says, “Creepy Venus, lascivious Venus, endangered Venus. Girls on the left, boys on the right. A car crash, symbolizing the center. In general my drawings are a kind of mix between classical references, childhood memories and toys, and also day-to-day life. That’s why the love subject is present in every drawing… Whether it is a main theme or not”.

Dorothy Circus Gallery is the European flag bearer of “The New Contemporary Art Movement”, which began on the west coast of the United States in the 1990s. Unlike the art movement of the early 20th century, which emphasized abstraction, The New Contemporary Art Movement is characterized by representational expressions and personal emphasis. It is easy for general art fans to understand.

But that is not an “easy” expression. At first glance, it is accessible and appeals even to those who are not interested in fine art, but when appreciated carefully, it is a very deep and meaningful expression. It is a new contemporary representational art.

Currently, commercial galleries that are driving The New Contemporary Art Movement are Thinkspace Projects on the west coast of the United States, Jonathan Levine Projects on the east coast of the United States, and Dorothy Circus in Europe. Curators and owners of these galleries are still young in the art world, and the collectors are the young and rich all over the world. These three galleries promote new figurative art, pop iconography, pop surrealism, and the new trends in Asian art and street art.

For the general public, new wealthy people, art fans in Asia who are not so familiar with authoritative fine art, which developed in Western-centered 20th century’s art movement, so-called “high culture” is not so accessible. Thinkspace Projects states, “The New Contemporary Art Movement is rarely recognized by scrutinized institutions of the art world and high culture mediators, but promises change in the future. ”

Female artists, non-Caucasian artists, and working class artists are getting remarkable achievement in Europe, and in the United States, the New Contemporary Art Movement artists have established their own positions in SNS and online or printed magazines on the theme of this art movement. The artists, galleries and collectors of this art movement are savvy on social media and galleries are making strenuous efforts with Instagram under COVID-19 crisis.


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